The Vintage Wardrobe

Just one quick post to break the radio silence before I head to my waiting homework…

My vintage wardrobe has arrived and here’s a quick peek at three outfits I’ve worn to work so far:

As of now, I’m completely happy with the dresses I ordered online. I found them on Amazon, ordered by my measurements instead of what size I thought I was, and these three brands are MUXXN, GownTown and MissNina.

Comments at work on my style change have ranged from “Hey, do you have a job interview somewhere today?” to “Wow, you match!” But so far, no one has tried to stage an intervention at my abrupt swing into 1950’s style. I still dress in modern jeans and sweaters on Fridays, though, so that probably helps.

Back to regular posting soon!

Sincerely yours,

Bitsy Ann

4 thoughts on “The Vintage Wardrobe”

  1. You look fabulous! Love them all, but the middle one, with those sassy red MJs? Yes. And, ummmmm, I LOVE that MCM book shelf behind you. I am nine kinds of jelly right now. Possibly even ten.


      1. Shut the front door. Seriously? *googles nearest goodwill* Sometimes Craigslist has stuff like that, too. But, you know, on accounta not wanting to mysteriously disappear and such, I don’t really go that route.

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  2. I get it. I risked my life for a $5 MCM lamp listed on CL one time. Okay, the pickup was at lunchtime, full daylight, in the parking lot of a legitimate business and the guy was smaller than me… but I *could* have been risking my life. 😉


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