Days 2, 3, 4… Okay, Just a Catch-up Post.

Well, I ran into complications in the middle of my Retro Reboot… right around Wednesday, I got hit with all sorts of girl troubles and ended up with two sick days home from work. Overall, though, I’m still calling the vintage Reboot a success. Here’s how things shook down:

Simple  breakfast/lunch/dinner for 3 days.
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners stayed pretty simple.

8 glasses of water.
While not up to 8 glasses per day, overall intake was 5-6.

Good deed per day.
Aside from paying for a random person’s coffee, I did a few other things, like let some people jump ahead of me in line at the grocery store, paid a few random compliments to strangers (I actually told someone they smelled good!?), and simple things like that. I’m not sure if complimenting someone’s cologne really counts as a good deed or just a generally weird thing to do, but there you have it.

Three projects:
My three projects were:

1. Move the sewing machine up from the basement (where it never gets used) and set it up in the bedroom (where it can stare at me accusingly if I haven’t been keeping up on my mending and alterations pile).

2. Finish my history class. I’m behind in my schoolwork again, and right now, history is the stumbling block. I’ve got two-and-a-half tasks to go, and a task can range from writing a paper of 6 pages to putting a PowerPoint presentation together.

3. Paint sunroom. This one’s from the home renovation project that never ends. We started back in January and haven’t quite wrapped things up yet. All that’s left is to paint the wainscoting in the main room, paint and put up trim and touch up the ceilings.

I didn’t move the sewing machine up, but I did clear a space for it, which is more than half the battle. I didn’t finish my history class, but I made great progress and only have one more three page paper to write. Plus, it turns out that I qualified to test out of the next class (tomorrow evening), so that’ll put me ahead of schedule again. Finally, I DID PAINT WAINSCOTING. I also washed the cat after she curled up on the dropcloth directly against a freshly-painted portion of it. That just leaves husband to do trim and touch ups, and we’re ready to move furniture back in!

“Dread” Item:

Take pop cans back to the store.

I didn’t do this. It’s on this week’s to-do’s.

The fiction book I chose, I Am Lidian, is turning out to be really fantastic. Unfortunately, I’m only halfway through and keep forgetting that it’s on my desk at work. The nonfiction book, Movement Fundamentals: Figure, Form, Fun, is also pretty great, and I plan to post some of the info here. Haven’t finished it yet, though.

10:00 bed time.
Probably a 5/7 here.

Half-hour for beauty.
While maybe not a half-hour per day, I did take extra care with my appearance. I tried a couple of new hairstyles, clipped, filed and painted my fingernails, and did some skin-care routines.

Half-hour for exercising.
See the above-mentioned girl trouble stuff. I did manage to get some exercise in, though, like mowing the lawn (6/10ths of an acre and no riding mower) and walking the dog a couple of times. I started exercises back up this morning.

Not quite a success, but I’m going to start wearing one of my corsets (just a little spandex thing–nothing terribly constricting) and doing a workout move my husband showed me to help me stand straighter. You take a couple of five pound weights, hold them up by your ears, elbows straight out to the sides, and then lift them slowly and lower them slowly, moving them straight up and straight down. It doesn’t seem like much, but you can really feel that it makes you stand up straighter when you’re done.

I feel like the Reboot really got me back in the right frame of mind, pushed my progress forward on some things that have been hanging over my head or stalled out, and I feel ready to continue on with a renewed purpose.

Which means I’ll be blogging again soon!

Sincerely yours,

Bitsy Ann

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