Vintage Housekeeping Schedule: The Bedrooms

From The Good Housekeeping Housekeeping Book, 1947

housekeeping schedule bedrooms

Cleaning the Bedrooms

Daily Care of Bedrooms:

  1. Hang up night clothes and put away slippers.
  2. Make the beds.
  3. Straighten up the bureau, chest of drawers and vanity top. Dust if necessary.
  4. At least once between weekly cleanings use your vacuum cleaner and attachments for removing dust or, lacking these, use a push broom, dust mop, dustpan and duster.

Weekly Care:

  1. Bring in fresh sheets and pillowcases and make beds.
  2. Remove fittings from top of bureau, chest of drawers and vanity, and remove dresser scarves which need laundering. Keep fittings on the bed until furniture has been dusted and polished.
  3. Dust mirrors, pictures, lighting fixtures and lamps, and wash any of these if they need it.
  4. Clean soil from window sills, and areas around door knobs if necessary.
  5. Dust radiator covers and radiators, if necessary.
  6. Clean bare floor and rug or carpet.
  7. Clean closets.
  8. Give final touches to room, spread out clean scarves and replace fittings.
  9. Empty waste basket.

Seasonal Care of Bedrooms:

  1. Clean or wash ceilings and walls.
  2. Wash and wax Venetian blinds or clean window shades.
  3. Wash woodwork.
  4. Take down glass curtains and draperies for washing or dry-cleaning.
  5. Thoroughly clean radiators (covers and coils) or registers.
  6. Clean and polish wood floors.
  7. Clean surface of rugs or carpets or send out for cleaning.
  8. Collect dressing-table skirts, quilts, blankets and slipcovers for washing or dry-cleaning.
  9. Clean upholstered furniture.
  10. Clean mattress and bedspring with vacuum cleaner attachment.
  11. Clean or wash lamp shades.


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