Vintage Housekeeping Schedule: The Kitchen

From The Good Housekeeping Housekeeping Book, 1947 

housekeeping schedule kitchen

Cleaning the Kitchen

Daily Care: The cleaning of the kitchen is a three-times-a-day job. When a meal is over the dishes should be washed and the kitchen straightened up before you go about other household work. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remove dishes from the table, scrape and rinse under the faucet if they need it. Stack neatly at one side of the sink.
  2. Put away foods that belong in the refrigerator.
  3. Clear away waste food. Get rid of grounds from coffee or tea pot and empty cooking utensils which have been soaking during the meal.
  4. Clean sink so that it will be ready for dishwashing.
  5. Prepare dishwater and wash, dry and put away dishes.
  6. Sweep the kitchen floor at least once daily.
  7. Last, empty the waste-paper basket and garbage container and put a clean liner or garbage bag in the garbage container.

Weekly Care: If the kitchen is kept in good order each day and equipment is cleaned every time it is used, weekly cleaning of the kitchen can be reduced to a minimum.

  1. Put the kitchen in order as in daily care.
  2. Clean range.
  3. Defrost and clean the refrigerator.
  4. Wash and air vegetable bins, bread and cake boxes.
  5. Clean and wash one or two cupboards, cabinets and drawers in rotation weekly.
  6. Clean garbage container. If paper liners are used, washing in hot soap and water is usually sufficient.
  7. Clean soil and fingerprints from washable surfaces such as woodwork and cabinets, window sills, and wall behind sink and range.
  8. Dust window shades and Venetian blinds.
  9. Wash and wax the floor with a non-polishing wax.

Seasonal Care of Kitchen:

  1. Wash lighting fixtures and globes.
  2. Clean or wash window shades or Venetian blinds.
  3. Wash woodwork and walls.
  4. Take down curtains for laundering. Do this on a day when you are doing other laundry work.
  5. Wash windows.

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