Today’s Entertainment: September 21, 1952

It’s mid-morning and you’ve just finished washing, drying and putting away the breakfast dishes. “Whitehall 1212” is playing and you pour another cup of coffee so that you can linger at the kitchen table to hear the thrilling conclusion.

When the station switches over to popular music, you debate whether you should pick up the new Jo Stafford 45. “You Belong to Me” had been topping the charts since the beginning of September.

Leaving the music still playing in the kitchen, you head to the living room to run the vacuum. You empty the ashtrays and straighten the magazines, stopping to quickly thumb through the latest edition of Life. Fall fashions. You shake your head at “the Siren Look.” According to Life, “It’s not always ladylike, but few men will protest.”

Read the whole Life Magazine issue here.

Putting the pieces of the Chicago Tribune back together, you glance at the weather forecast. It’s too bad about the evening showers. The neighbors are coming over for dinner and it would have been nice to eat on the patio.

Read the whole newspaper here.

That’s all right. You picked up a new set of TV trays last week and The Colgate Comedy Hour with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis will be on tonight. An informal meal in front of the TV will be fun, too.

But speaking of dinner, it’s time to run to the grocery store. Steak is on sale at the A&P this week, and afterward you can grab a quick bite to eat at the diner… before you stop by the record store on the way home for that new Jo Stafford record.


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