Vintage Sundays

I love Sundays. Sometimes I sneak in a nap, if my boys will all let me. Sometimes I go a little crazy, getting projects done around the house that I don’t have time to do during the week. On cool Sundays in the fall, I’ll usually make a day of it in the kitchen, and prepare menus out of one of my old cookbooks. Since today was a bajillion degrees too warm for kitchen work and I had my weekend nap on Saturday, it was crazy project time.

Image result for housewife cleaning vintage
Image Credit: My Life Atomic

First, I cleaned the house. Nothing 1950’s housewife perfect, but I got things back to baseline to start the week off tidy–and I did it before noon and the upper-90-degree heat descended fully on my little piece of Michigan. Then, I used a leaf blower on all the fallen sugar maple leaves littering our patio. I’d never actually used the leaf blower before. Usually that’s Hubby’s territory, but he was off at a friend’s house to watch the Lions play.

After that, I washed the Chupacabra–excuse me, our neurotic border collie, Polly–with hot spot shampoo, lots of love, and many dog treats. (Polly is mostly naked because she chewed off her fur in a fit of post-traumatic 4th of July stress. We can’t wait until it grows back and the view of her from the rear isn’t quite so… pink.)

After fixing lunch for the smaller menfolk in my house, 13 and 5, I tackled our bathroom sink. It had been dripping for an embarrassingly long time, and despite Hubby wanting to just replace the whole shebang and add a water shut-off valve underneath and plumbing that is code for this decade, I had bought the $3 parts to fix it myself. Forty minutes later, taa-daah! No more drip! (Now, I did shear off a screw, and if you push up the handle too much, it will spray you directly in the face, but I’ll fix that next weekend.)


Why yes, that is a 1950’s robin’s egg blue sink! I have a matching toilet, tub and wall tile, too…

I also decided to do a little bit of decluttering. I didn’t take a before pic, and I just took the after pic a few minutes ago, so it’s a little bit dim, but here’s the final product:


Pardon the anime. The 13 year-old had control of the TV before bed.

So, before, there was a corner plant stand to the right of the TV TV stand, with a scraggly philodendron and some random glass votive holders that had taken up temporary residence on its other two shelves. To the left of the TV TV stand, on the floor, was a speaker, an unused video game console, and lots of cords, and to the left of that, stuffed in between the china cabinet and the wall, another three-tiered plant stand folded up and unused. Below the TV TV stand, a big binder full of DVD’s and a Wii Balance Board that goes with a non-functional Wii. The bookshelf you see was a few feet to the right, totally not lined up with the picture above it.

Trust me when I say that this looks much better. Plus, the philodendron has been trimmed and relocated to a place it will be much happier.

Besides all that, I had prep-work to do. End-of-weekend baths and nail clipping, picking out clothes for me and the littlest, packing up my gym bag (I’m reducing, but that’s a story for another day), getting lunches together and backpacks organized, a quick French toast trip to the grocery store (milk, eggs, bread, etc.)… those and a lot of other little random projects filled my Sunday.

Doesn’t sound very vintage, does it? Except for the blue sink, I mean. And the MCM furniture rearranging. And I wasn’t dressed in my weekday vintage best, but rather a grubby pair of grey workout capris and this adorably weird t-shirt with a space cat on it whom I like to refer to as Major Tom:

Image Credit: 6 Dollar Shirts

What makes it vintage for me is thinking about all of the moms who have come before me, spending their Sundays doing the thousand and a half tedious, adventurous, money-saving, repetitive, creative and mundane things that show our families we love them. I could have worn my best housedress, apron and heels, and it wouldn’t have changed my day much. Really, it was the best kind of vintage Sunday.

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