Coronet, September 1952: Skin Has No Sex

This article by Bernice Johns, full of fall skin care tips for men and women, was found in the September 1952 edition of Coronet Magazine. 

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Men, no less than women, are faced with the problem every Fall of dry skin–the residue of a once-glowing Summer sun tan. For men, the major concern may be comfort; sun-parched skin feels unpleasantly taut, sometimes itchy. For women, beauty may be of first importance: a fading tan looks blotchy, flaky and sallow. For both sexes, the transition from summer’s casual sun tan to winter’s well-groomed look can be smoothed by attention to these pointers:

Restore oils to your skin. Avoid drying products like alcohol-based lotions, mask-facials and astringents. Use instead a rich cream for cleansing, gentle massage for stimulation, tinted cream or lotion for making up.

Pay special attention to the lines around your eyes and that crinkled space on your forehead. Squinting in sunlight emphasizes any tendencies you may have to crow’s feet and wrinkles, so add an extra measure of lubricating cream to these areas.

There’s nothing “sissy” about the cream method of washing your face, and it’s as good for men as for women. Rub cleansing cream into face with finger tips; wipe it off with a clean face cloth which has been dipped in warm water; rinse with cold water; pat dry.

If your arms and legs are leathery, if their tan is beginning to crack, use a body oil before you bathe, a bath oil or after-bath cream lotion before you start to dress.

For hands which need a little help getting back to the soft whiteness the poets talk about, there’s a tinted hand cream which acts much like a make-up base. Smooth it on to camoflage unsightly patches, and use it often to help your skin regain its suppleness.

Bleach or cover up your “sun spots.” Men may not want to go this far, but women will find that mild whiteners can help to even out a tan. The bathing-cap circle around your hairline, the ankle-sock line on your legs and the golf-glove look on your hand can all be blended into an over-all skin tone if whiteners are used judiciously.

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Where bleaches fail, as with dark freckles and prominent strap marks, foundation creams succeed. One word of caution: you can’t change your spots from copper-tan to pink-and-white overnight. Select a foundation and a powder which are just a shade or two lighter than your skin’s present color; switch to lighter and lighter shades only as your tan fades. This way you will avoid a sallow, spotted look. Incidentally, men who use after-shave talc had better heed this “beauty” hint; for the time, dark-tinted powders are best.

Prevention is still the best cure for Fall skin problems, and few persons can stand unlimited exposure to the sun’s rays. For what remains of this year’s sun-bathing season, keep your skin oiled–particularly in wrinkle-prone areas–and your reconditioning job will be easier.

–Bernice Johns

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