Natural Beauty Explained–Personality, by Erm and Bud Westmore, 1947

natural beauty defined

Natural Beauty Explained
Aside from the starry-eyed beauty of youth, as I sense it, natural beauty in a woman is a
combination of the following attributes:

1. Good health—a clear skin and sparkling eyes.
2. A satisfactory psychological adjustment to life.
3. Symmetrical features.
4. A trim figure, neither too fat nor too thin.
5. Good posture.
6. Pleasing coloration—complexion, eyes and hair.
7. A well-groomed appearance—immaculate cleanliness of the face, hair, hands, teeth, body and clothing.
8. Stylishness and a good color sense.
9. Correct form and behavior—sitting, standing, walking or talking.
10. Rhythm, grace and charm—in speech and movement.
11. Innate goodness and a considerate, loving attitude towards others.
12. Simplicity—in thought, word, deed and appearance.


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