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Reducing: A Vintage Weight Loss Menu

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I’m a little overweight. Not terribly so, but because of an anti-anxiety medication I started taking a few years ago, I’m now carrying around about 21 very stubborn extra pounds. This amount is down from the 30 extra I was hauling around at the beginning of the year, but this is after adding a gym membership to my day. Five days a week, one hour per day, weight training and cardio, and after about four months, I’m much stronger, but only about nine pounds lighter. I know, I know, the answer lies in my diet. Continue reading “Reducing: A Vintage Weight Loss Menu”

Coronet, September 1952: Skin Has No Sex

This article by Bernice Johns, full of fall skin care tips for men and women, was found in the September 1952 edition of Coronet Magazine. 

Continue reading “Coronet, September 1952: Skin Has No Sex”