Are you popular? –A Coronet Film, 1947

In summary? If you want to be popular, don’t be one of those girls who parks in cars with boys! ­čśë

Reducing Menus–Secrets of Charm, by John Robert Powers, 1954

Standard disclaimer here: common sense and doctor’s advice before embarking on your own reducing program!

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My Home Town, by Barbara Black — Coronet Magazine, September 1952

I’m glad I live in a small town. This is where I work and eat and sleep and pursue my trivial small-town hobbies.

This is my town, nestled in a great bend in the river, its narrow streets lined with trees, its uptown buildings gray with the snow, rain and fog of almost 150 years. A tall old brick mansion houses the public library, and the schools are gray with wear except for a new addition here and there.

The marquee of our one movie is big enough and bright enough to attract the attention of our townsfolk, and inexpensive enough to match our small-town purses at least once a week. We even have a place called “Mortgage Hill.” That is what the lesser folk call the street the “moneyed” people live on. And yes, we have our wrong side of the tracks, too.

small town 4

If one cared to look long enough, I suppose one could find a lot of things wrong with our town, but to me it’s the place that houses all those familiar faces that I see on the street, and all those familiar places I like to visit. To me, it’s carefree because in the back of my head lies the secret thought that I can walk a mile in any direction and find myself in a cornfield or along some shaded brook.

I sometimes think that this face is what brings a sense of happiness to small-town folk It’s all familiar to me, including the thought that I can get away from it if I want to. But I suppose the most important thing about our town is the fact that here is where my loved ones live. Here is the side street, the tiny house and the yard I call home.

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Natural Beauty Explained–Personality, by Erm and Bud Westmore, 1947

natural beauty defined

Natural Beauty Explained
Aside from the starry-eyed beauty of youth, as I sense it, natural beauty in a woman is a
combination of the following attributes:

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Good Things to Eat — A 1943 Recipe Pamphlet

I’ve been a little at loose ends lately and the best distractions for me are always vintage. I think I’m seeing some Fluffy Gingerbread in my near future.


Or, anyone up for trying some Chicken Shortcake? I’m almost tempted…

Do you love your neighbor?

I believe that we should love our fellow man, both┬ánext door and beyond. This is a really great read–I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Do You Love–Your Neighbor?
by Adele de Leeuw

Now when the air is full of talk of peace, and a better future world, and plans for a brotherhood of nations, it may seem like quibbling to go about asking, “Do you love your neighbor?” “What has that got to do with it?” more than one person might retort, indignantly. “I’m thinking of vast problems, of world concepts…”

But it has a great deal to do with it. The world is right next door.

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On the Importance of Etiquette

Basic etiquette, or the unspoken code of polite behavior among civilized people, has eroded a lot over the last few decades. If you need proof, visit Twitter or pop into a Walmart on a Saturday morning. Continue reading “On the Importance of Etiquette”

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