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Susan, be smooth! by Nell Giles, 1940: Chapter VIII – Eat to Be Pretty

Chapter VIII

This is our sly way of approaching the diet question. If we say, “Susan, be smooth. . . be rounded and curved,” you think we mean fat.

Then you cut down on milk, potatoes and meat; you develop a haggard look; you’re devilishly grouchy; your skin becomes sallow; and you have the energy of a tin whistle. Isn’t it so?

You see that what we really mean is that you must eat properly to be pretty. We won’t mention health; we’ll stick to beauty. Shall we go on?

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Vintage Sundays

I love Sundays. Sometimes I sneak in a nap, if my boys will all let me. Sometimes I go a little crazy, getting projects done around the house that I don’t have time to do during the week. On cool Sundays in the fall, I’ll usually make a day of it in the kitchen, and prepare menus out of one of my old cookbooks. Since today was a bajillion degrees too warm for kitchen work and I had my weekend nap on Saturday, it was crazy project time.

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How to Prepare Easy Vintage Breakfasts

I’ve been laid up much of the past week in my yellow boucle recliner, recovering from minor surgery. To keep myself sane, I’ve been paging through “recent” magazines… well, magazines published from around this time of year, anyway, only about 68 years ago.

My attention was snagged earlier by a vintage article about breakfasts. It’s after 10:00 PM now, and all I want to do is make breakfast. So, I’ve done the next best thing and written a post about it instead. Continue reading “How to Prepare Easy Vintage Breakfasts”