Good Grooming for Busy Women, by Mary Stuyvesant–The Woman Magazine, 1949

I stumbled across this post after I’d posted yesterday’s long read on Facials. Let’s call this a companion post.

Good Grooming for Busy Women
There’s a happy medium between full time glamour and total neglect 

Mary Stuyvesant
Good Grooming Consultant for Pond’s

Whenever beauty treatments are discussed, the average woman’s reaction is, “If I only had the time and money!” She wonders how anyone but a lady of leisure can fit twenty minutes of exercise, a facial and half an hour’s rest before dinner into the day’s routine, to say nothing of manicures, pedicures and setting the hair.


The average woman’s twenty-four-hour schedule is about as elastic as last year’s girdle. The homemaker has breakfast to get, dishes to wash, beds to make and the other well-known household chores–all on top of an early start for the sake of a commuting male. For the career girl, breakfast and a hasty tidying-up job are combined with a mad scramble to check in at the office at nine sharp, looking her smart and efficient best.

Is either of these ladies apt to rise a half an hour ahead of time to bump and bend in the chilly dawn? Will they shut themselves up in the evening after a long hard day and go through a dreary series of “Left, right, down, up?”

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Natural Beauty Explained–Personality, by Erm and Bud Westmore, 1947

natural beauty defined

Natural Beauty Explained
Aside from the starry-eyed beauty of youth, as I sense it, natural beauty in a woman is a
combination of the following attributes:

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