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Vintage Sundays

I love Sundays. Sometimes I sneak in a nap, if my boys will all let me. Sometimes I go a little crazy, getting projects done around the house that I don’t have time to do during the week. On cool Sundays in the fall, I’ll usually make a day of it in the kitchen, and prepare menus out of one of my old cookbooks. Since today was a bajillion degrees too warm for kitchen work and I had my weekend nap on Saturday, it was crazy project time.

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Today’s Entertainment: September 21, 1952

It’s mid-morning and you’ve just finished washing, drying and putting away the breakfast dishes. “Whitehall 1212” is playing and you pour another cup of coffee so that you can linger at the kitchen table to hear the thrilling conclusion.

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Vintage Housekeeping Schedule: The Bedrooms

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Vintage Housekeeping Schedule: The Kitchen

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Mary and Russel Wright’s Guide to Easier Living, 1954: Living Rooms

Mary and Russel Wright’s Guide to Easier Living, originally published in 1950, proposed a change in the way the modern home was furnished, organized and managed. Before 1950, many families still had big houses, formal parlors with the heavy and ornate Victorian-style furniture that had been popular for decades, and sometimes even a servant or a “day girl” to help with some of the heavier work. But with houses getting smaller and post-war design leaning toward streamlined, modern and efficient, Mary and Russel Wright’s Guide to Easier Living was a perfectly-timed capitalization on the new and rapidly rising trend of simplicity.

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