The Plain Facial–Everyday Grooming, Helen Livingstone and Ann Maroni, 1951

This one is a long read, but for the sake of experimentation, I might give this step-by-step instruction set a try. (Minus the bleach pack mentioned at the end. That doesn’t sound like it would be good for my fragilish, almost 40 year-old epidermis.) Happy pampering!

The Plain Facial

The saying that “Beauty comes from within,’ is indeed true. Your diet, the proper amount of rest, exercise, fresh air, and sunshine are all reflected through the skin, Fig. 61. No amount of facial work, make-up, or any other camouflage can hide a poor and unhealthy skin.

The plain facial has many benefits. It cleanses, softens, and freshens the skin. It stimulates the circulation and muscles. A facial at the end of a trying day has soothing and freshening effects beneficial to everyone, young and old, Fig. 62.

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